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© Paul Willetts Photography

Your charming English retreat

Tucked in a secluded setting beside the chocolate-box village of Purton on the Cotswolds-Wiltshire border, your wedding at The Pear Tree promises privacy, tranquillity and romance.

A natural tapestry of heritage and history, The Pear Tree is a stunning Swindon wedding venue with accommodation. Nestled amid a painterly scene of vineyards and woodland, winding lanes and charming cottages, every moment is framed in beauty. From the church spire climbing through the treetops, to the abundant borders of blooms and the secluded vineyard, there’s so much for you and your guests to explore.

© Katherine Yiannaki Photography

The Pear Tree’s magic doesn’t end when the night draws to a close. With 17 en-suite bedrooms for your guests and Moonglow, your own honeymoon hideaway, your joy is unbounded by time or taxi calls. Let the party flow up the wrap-around staircase, with cascading lighting guiding your way. A memorable end to your unforgettable day

Butterflies begin in Cascade

Your dedicated preparation suite and morning of memory making. Only a short walk from your ceremony in Blossom, Cascade promises the oasis of calm you seek as you get ready on the big day.

Perfectly planned with floor-length mirrors, illuminated dressing tables and plenty of space to spread out and relax, enjoy a blissful morning here with your wedding party. Fill the table with fizz and smile for photos in this light-filled setting.

Then, as the ceremony draws near, feel your heart flutter as you hear the happy murmur of your guests arriving. Catch their laughter and well wishes as they ascend the Atrium staircase. Cascade conceals you in complete privacy before your big moment arrives.

© Katherine Yiannaki Photography

Experience the magic of Moonglow

Where dreams unfurl and romance is unbridled. There’s no rush to reach The Pear Tree’s indulgent honeymoon suite, which is every bit as enchanting as its name. Instead, dance up the curving staircase only a few steps from the party, where the impressive Atrium and cascading lights makes it easy to socialise until you turn the key in your door.

Cross the threshold with your partner and you’ll find yourselves in Moonglow. Your own romantic world for the night, with the luxury, privacy and space your wedding deserves. An ultra-plush bed, a free-standing bathtub and relaxing lounge effuse all the magic you could wish for from your honeymoon suite.

And when you wake, head out hand-in-hand to watch the sun climb higher in the sky from your private balcony overlooking the gardens. A continental breakfast of fresh pastries and local meats promises the perfect finale to your celebrations. Best enjoyed with family and friends in the elegant Bartlett Lounge.

© Paul Willetts Photography

Your Wiltshire wedding starts here

Fall in love with this irresistibly romantic wedding venue, with character and charm at its heart. Check available dates, download our wedding brochure or book a visit yourself below.