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English Charm Unlocked

© Paul Willetts Photography

Our latest venue update

22nd June 2020

We think it’s important that we set out how we at The Pear Tree have been responding to the impact of COVID-19 and managing our wedding bookings for 2020.

Like all wedding venues across the country, COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our business.

We recently completed a major renovation of The Pear Tree after two years of development and were looking forward to hosting our first wedding in April 2020. We have created a stunning venue, fully supported by the local community, and built a fantastic and experienced team.

The reality for us now is we will lose our first year’s income whilst still bearing significant overheads. Nevertheless, from the very outset of lockdown in mid-March, we have acted fairly and considerately, above and beyond our terms and conditions.

Offers we have made to our booked couples:

• Where the lockdown rules prevented weddings from taking place until the end of June 2020, we have offered free postponement.

• Where those affected couples did not wish to postpone, we have provided refunds.

• For July and August bookings where there has been a lack of guidance from Government, whilst we believe we will be able to host weddings, we have also offered free postponement to next year.

• Where July and August couples neither want to wait for further clarification from Government to see whether or how their weddings could go ahead, nor postpone for free, we have offered terms to cancel their contracts that are significantly more favourable than standard terms.

• As and when the Government clarifies the ongoing restrictions, should those restrictions mean that we are unable to deliver under contract for weddings beyond June 2020, we also will offer free postponement or refunds to those weddings.

Both postponements and refunds represent a huge cost to us. Postponing weddings to next year means we lose any further income this year as well as available dates for next year. We believe that the offers we have made strike the right balance between being fair to our customers and protecting the future of the business and our responsibilities to future couples.

Behind the scenes, as part of the Association of British Wedding Businesses, we are working tirelessly to seek further guidance from the Government. As the Government issues new guidance, we will keep you updated.

It has been an incredibly difficult time for The Pear Tree and for our couples with weddings to plan in a period of great uncertainty. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the issues.

While our doors have been closed, we have been busy working on the venue and gardens; flower beds and trees have been planted, newly seeded lawns are lush with grass, paths are mown through the meadows and our beautiful vineyard has been totally transformed, making the perfect photo spot.

We will continue to work with our couples to make your special day one full of cherished memories that last a lifetime, and look forward to hosting weddings again at The Pear Tree.

Thank you.

For those of you who are considering The Pear Tree as your wedding venue:

We’re delighted to announce that our doors are open again for you to visit us. We can’t wait to show new couples all the magic and surprises that The Pear Tree has in store!

Our team are raring to get back to doing what they love – helping couples find their perfect venue and plan their dream wedding. We’ve made every effort to ensure that The Pear Tree is a safe environment, so you can focus on taking the place in and relax as you look around.

To arrange your private showround, speak to the team on 01793 781270 or book a visit here.

Keep up to date with our latest information and updates on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support.